Online Session Guitarist

An online session service is a great option when you’re short on time, budget or resources, but still need professional results. Recording in a commercial studio is becoming less of an option for producers, singers and musicians but that shouldn’t stop you from getting the exact guitar recordings that you need

How does it work?
I believe it takes a few key variables to produce a quality online guitar session; understanding, experience, communication, quality, equipment and choice. Come to me with your individual track or project alongside any guitar ideas you may or may not have for it. You send me the track in its current form, however far developed. I record my guitar parts using a large collection of guitars, amps, effects and microphones. I send you a rough stereo mix of the parts I have recorded for you to check. Once you’re happy, I upload my parts as individual audio files and send you a link to them for download. You then have the all the choice on how to mix and edit them. Throughout the process, I am happy to make up to three amendments to the recordings, which is included in the original agreed price.

Drop me a quick line to tell me more about your project

I believe it takes a few key variables to produce a quality online guitar session; understanding, experience, communication, quality, equipment and choice.
I always start with a thorough breakdown of your brief to ensure that I can set about creating exactly what you want. Throughout this process, my main focus is providing exactly what you want.
Years of experience playing different genres and instruments with a range of artists (both live and in the studio), mean that I can create a vast range of playing styles and sounds. We are not restricted in any way. My sessions are all about exploring what sounds right to you.
We’ll stay in constant communication throughout the process. I like to bounce over ideas and sounds as I work to make sure I stay on track and that you’re happy with the direction I’m taking. Likewise, if you’re busy and happy for me to use my own artistic interpretation, then I get on with it with minimal fuss.
Quality isn’t compromised just because you’re not in a commercial studio. I use the industry’s best classic and boutique equipment and instruments to maintain a high-quality sound whatever direction you choose.
Multiple final options are sent across as standard to ensure there are alternative interpretations of your brief.
What do you get?
  • Put simply; you get custom made, high-quality guitar tracks.
  • You get them quickly.
  • You haven’t had to remortgage your house.
  • You haven’t had to leave it.
  • Contact Me.
Equipment Used
  • Fender Thinline Telecaster 1968 reissue
  • Peavey Jerry Donahue Signature Omniac
  • Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul
  • Levinson Blade RH4
  • Gretsch Electromatic
  • Tanglewood Sundance Pro TW55
  • Tanglewood SJ-10
  • SM57’s
  • Neumann KM 184
  • Rhode NT-1A
  • TC Electronic G system and Nova system
  • Electro Harmonix Big Muff, Small Stone, Voice Box, Q-tron, Soul Preacher
  • Strymon Timeline delay and Big Sky reverbs
  • Boss ME-50, OD-3, OC-3
  • Seabro Tube Station Voice box
  • Budda Wah
  • Dunlop Cry baby
  • Mr Echo delay
  • Mesa Throttle Box
  • Marshall Vibratrem
  • Budda Superdrive 30 head + 4×12 closed back cab
  • Budda Superdrive 30 2×12 combo
  • Peavey Classic 50 2×12 combo
  • Kemper Profiler Power Rack